The address of WCKR Radio for any media player is:


Install the latest version of Winamp.

  • Choose the Free Full Version.
  • Winamp installation should offer you the choice to use either the Classic or Modern Skins for its appearance. New users should choose Modern in order to show menu options.

    You may want to change Winamp playback to display the time remaining in the current song. Under Options menu (or right-click on top of main window), choose Time Remaining

    Winamp may default to Always on Top each time it starts. Under Options menu, disable Always on Top. This can also be accomplished by clicking on the main window and pressing Control+A to toggle

    From Options, click Preferences and under Plug-ins, click Output

  • Set to DirectSound Output. This will allow adjusting Winamp's volume level independently of other programs using WAV output such as Ventrilo and MTGO. You will need to stop and restart the music for the the change to take effect.


    From the main Winamp window, click on View menu and enable the Playlist Editor

    To listen:

  • Click the Add button
  • Add URL:
  • Double-click it's entry (added to end of list) in the Playlist Editor

    To load your entire music collection

  • Click the Add button
  • Add folder: Choose your music directory and enable recursion if desired

    To load specific files

  • Click the Add button
  • Add file(s): and use Shift and Control clicks to select multiple files

    To save and load the lists of songs to a file

  • Click the Manage Playlist button

    To select songs

  • Clicking on a song selects it
  • To move a song, click it and while keeping the left mouse button held down, drag it up or down in the list
  • Shift and Control clicking will select multiple songs
  • Delete will remove selected songs from the playlist
  • If the Playlist Editor has the focus, Control+A will select all the songs. Otherwise it should toggle Always on Top
  • To retain only a subset of the entire playlist, select the songs you wish to keep, click on Rem button and Crop Selected

    Wimamp gives you the option to play songs in order or randomly. Click on the 1,2,3 button on the right side of the main window to toggle this setting.

    If you have a large collection of songs in your playlist and wish to order them for playback, right click on a song, choose Send to:, and then Enqueue in Winamp. This will place a copy of the song at the bottom of the list. (You may then remove the original selection from the list by hitting the Delete key.) Once you have your songs Enqueued, intersperse them with commericals and play from the top of that list with Shuffle turned off. (You can now crop this list from the main one and save it as Playlist file.)


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