Ventrilo for Magic: The Gathering Online users



Winamp Help


Install Ventrilo for Windows i386 - 32bit client and run it when completed

Click the arrow (->) to the right of User Name on the main interface

  • Click New and enter your MTGO screen name. For Phonetic, write your screen name without special characters such as underscores or periods. Play will let you hear it.

    Click the arrow (->) to the right of Server and click New.

    Hostname or IP / Port:

    Cereal Killaz - - 4548

    Pure MTGO - - 7126

    Click Connect on the right of the main interface.

    Click Setup... on the right. You should be in the Voice tab.

  • Use DirectSound for Output and Input devices to allow you to adjust volume levels for other individuals on Ventrilo. More on that later
  • Enable the Hotkey on the left and in the Hotkey edit field choose a key by clicking one (I like to use the middle mouse button)
  • As most people's individual volume levels need to be boosted, increase Inbound Amplifier to something like 6. The same is true for Outbound Amplfier if everyone has to boost levels to hear you

    To adjust volume levels for an individual, right click on their name in the main interface window, click Miscellaneous then Special Effects

  • Select Volume and <-Add it and increase the volume. To access it later for adjustment, select Volume under Current and click on Properties. The letter "S" should now appear next to the user's name

    If somone posts a comment next to their name such as a URL, you can copy it by right-clicking on their name, choosing User and then Copy User Comment

    If you don't like hearing voice events when people enter and leave the rooms, click Setup on the main interface and choose the Events tab. Set the events you don't want to hear to Nothing